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She weds beauty with the way in which she fills her life. Regardless whether it is to do with love or with outward appearance, it is the same for her. She is true to everyone and thereby to society, but most of all to herself. That comes first and foremost. She is a carrier without any lumber, for irrespective of what she carries, she makes the world lighter. She is the fairy in a thousand dreams, she swarms, she brightens, she is greater than I am. Indeed, I even believe that this muse is much greater than this artist. This muse is the most perfect painting, the perfect sculpture. I am speaking of my muse.

In my view, there are many artists living in a daze of confusion. They are making no headway and their business is being misunderstood in this substantial world. Good confusion is something else, it is a rarity. Confusion can only become good if there is a backbone. It is the least an artist needs, if he is to be able to push on and be involved in his art continuously. He must be able to go up to the very last filament of the frayed ends, to balance on the tip of the impossible. His inner field of tension is wafer-thin.

More than this, he needs something or someone in his environment. A mirror full of sympathy with black patches here and there which yet reflects a shining light. That is my muse. She makes my life divine; she makes the world alluring with all its black holes.
She bares my soul and my speech. She fills my mind with childlike ideas, there where my sculptures grow. Her voice is like a thousand singing birds. She only knows one law. And that law is the law of love.

That love has a name: Lianne.


Sjaak Smetsers



Bared her eyes look at me.
A new day seeps in.
God and devil mingle.
A bird sings.
Her eye’s light shines from within
outside and comes in,
binds artist to goddess.
A beautiful day awaits.
Another beautiful day.
I am already underway. Bound.
Bound for Moeëjen Daag*

Sjaak en Lianne Smetsers-Sampers
Sjaak en Lianne Smetsers-Sampers